My name is Juan Jose Blasco Burguillos and I’m a professional engineer with vast experience in IoT architectures. My background is Systems Engineering with a focus in Satellite Systems (graduated from TU Delft, the Netherlands) and I’m a very skilled PCB designer and Firmware/Front-end/Back-end developer.

I’ve designed a whole consumer product currently under manufacturing which makes use of different sensors and actuators remotely controlled over the internet (Back-end based on Google IoT and Firebase) to monitor and control an aquaponic garden controlled with an ESP8266 via a mobile or web app (Check out the results at

I’m currently based in Dusseldorf and I’m also tutoring about electronics design and prototyping! I love to explain concepts with easy to understand examples and real product designs. I strive to build knowledge that allows people to bring their ideas to life.

I’m deeply interested on how we learn and I would like to use this blog to share my thoughts, progress, and lessons learnt during the different projects that I’m working on.

For contracting work you can reach me out at: